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本文摘要:Section A【重点单词】1.humorous有出默感的;滑稽有趣的[助记]词根影象法:humor(诙谐) + -ous(形容词后缀)→有诙谐感的;滑稽有趣的Our history teacher is a very humorous person. Everyone likes him very much.我们的历史老师是一个很诙谐的人。每小我私家都很喜欢他。


Section A【重点单词】1.humorous有出默感的;滑稽有趣的[助记]词根影象法:humor(诙谐) + -ous(形容词后缀)→有诙谐感的;滑稽有趣的Our history teacher is a very humorous person. Everyone likes him very much.我们的历史老师是一个很诙谐的人。每小我私家都很喜欢他。2. silent 不说话的;缄默沉静的[助记]读音影象法:si(saI)+ lent( lant)→不说话的;缄默沉静的Xiao Li kept silent and said nothing.小李缄默沉静不语。

3.helpful有用的;有资助的[助记]词根影象法:help(资助) (.......形容词后缀)→有资助的;有用的Learning words according to phonetic symbols is very helpful for us to learn English.凭据音标学习单词对我们学习英语很有资助。4. score得分;进球[助记]读音影象法:s(s)+ core(ko:)→得分;进球You scored again .你又得分了。

5. background配景The Chinese nation has a profound cultural background.中华民族有着深厚的文化秘闻。6.interview 采访;面试;访谈The reporter is interviewing our PE teacher.记者正在采访我们的体育老师。

The Olympic champion is being interviewed by reporters.那位奥运冠军正在接受记者的采访。[助记]词根影象法:inter-(在....之间) + view(看)→两者面临面→采访;面试7. Asian亚洲(人)的;亚洲人[助记]词根影象法: Asia(亚洲) +-an(人,名词后缀)→亚洲人We are all Asian with yellow skin and black eyes.我们都是黄皮肤黑眼睛的亚洲人。8. dare敢于;胆敢[助记]串联影象法:在一个square(广场),僧人头bare(光秃秃的),居然dare(敢)把酒肉share(分享),确实是rare(稀有的)。

①I dare not go out alone at night.晚上我不敢一小我私家出去。②Do you dare to go to Tibet alone?你敢一小我私家去西藏吗?③No one dares to touch the tiger's tail.没有人敢碰老虎的尾巴。9. ton吨;大量;许多[助记]读音影象法:ton(tAn)→大量;许多There are tons of people in the square.广场上有成千上万的人。10. private私人的;私密的[助记]词根影象法:priv(私人的)+ ....的,形容词后缀)一小我私家的→私人的;私密的You add me private wechat, let's have a private chat!你加我私人微信,咱们私聊吧!11. guard 警卫;看守;守卫;守卫[助记]读音影象法:guar( ga:) +d(d)→警卫;守卫There's a guard at the door. We can't go in.门口有一个警卫。

我们不能进去。12. require 需要;要求[助记]词根影象法:re-(再) +quire(寻求)-再寻求→需要;要求He required a cup of tea.他要一杯茶。13. European欧洲(人)的;欧洲人[助记]词根影象法:Europe(欧洲) + -an(人的)→欧洲(人)的Some blue eyed, yellow haired, white skinned Europeans came to our school.一些蓝眼睛、黄头发、白皮肤的欧洲人来到我们学校。

14. African非洲(人)的;非洲人[助记]词根影象法:Africa(非洲) + -an(人的)→非洲(人)的;非洲人There are many African immigrants in the United States. 美国有许多非洲移民。15. British英国(人)的[助记]词根影象法;Britain(英国) +-ish(形容词后缀)→英国(人)的There are many British people in Hong Kong. 在香港有许多英国人。16. speech讲话;讲话Our headmaster's wonderful speech won the warm applause of everyone.我们校长精彩的演讲赢得了大家的热烈掌声。

17. public民众;公然的;民众的[助记]拆分影象法:pub(酒吧) +lic( 许可证)- +民众;公然的Li Lei dare not speak in public.李雷不敢在公共场所讲话。【词形变换】1. help→helpful( adj. )有益的、有资助的2. British→Britain(n. )英国、不列颠3. shy→shyness(n. )羞怯4. Asia→Asian( adj.)亚洲人的、亚洲的5. speak→speech(n. )讲话;讲话6. humor →humorous( adj. )诙谐的7. Africa→African(n. /adj.非洲人的、非洲的)8. silent→silence(n. )→silently(adv.默默地 )9. private→privacy(n. 隐私、秘密)【重点短语】1.from time to time市场;有时=at times= SometimesI usually go to school by bus. Sometimes I go to school by bike2. take up开始从事(某事)Since he was 20 years old, he has taken up breeding. 他从20岁起就开始从事养殖业了。3. deal with应对;处置惩罚①How do you get into this complicated problem?你是如那边理这个庞大的问题的?②How do you deal with this problem?你如那边理这个问题?=What do you do with this problem?你怎么处置惩罚这个问题?4. all the time总是;一直We like to find faults in others all the time. 我们总是喜欢挑别人的毛病。

5. tons of许多;大量Tons of fruit has gone bad in the supermarket. 超市里很多多少水果都坏了。6. be carefull ....小心Be careful when crossing the road.过马路时要小心。

7. hang out 闲逛I like to hang out in the park with my friends on weekends. 我喜欢在周末和我的朋侪们在公园里闲逛。8. give up放弃We must insist and never give up.我们必须坚持,永不放弃。9.give in 屈服;投降;让步We can't give in before the enemy .我们不能在敌人眼前屈服。10.give back送还; 送回If we borrow other people's things, we should give them back on time. 如果我们借别人的工具,我们应该定时送还。

11.give out分发Our English teacher give out the papers to the students. 我们的英语老师把考卷发给学生。12.give a report作陈诉He gave us a novel coronavirus pneumonia report.他给我们做了一个新型冠状病毒肺炎的陈诉。13.give away捐赠Han Hong gave away lot of money to the children in the disaster area. 韩红给灾区的孩子们捐了许多钱。9. in public公然地;在别人(尤指生人)眼前【重点句型】1.l used to be afraid of the dark.我已往畏惧黑夜。

I used to wear jeans.我已往常穿牛仔裤。Mary used to be a very cheerful girl.玛丽已往是一个很是开朗的女孩。2. It's been three years since we last saw our primaryschool classmates.距离我们上次见到小学同学已经三年了。

It has been five years since we left Beijing. 我们脱离北京已经五年了。3. It's interesting to see how people have changed.看到人们发生的变化太有趣了。The Dragon Boat Race in the south is so interesting.4. As she got better, she dared to sing in front of herclass,and then for the whole school.当她状况变得好转的时候,她敢于在全班同学眼前唱歌,厥后甚至在全校同学眼前唱歌。

5. You can never imagine how difficult the road to success is.你无法想象乐成的门路有何等难。6. Only a very smal number of people make it to the top.只有很少一部门人能到达乐成的巅峰。

Section B【重点单词】1.ant蚂蚁[助记]遐想影象法:an(-) +t(它)→你所钟情的它原来是只蚂蚁。It's going to rain. There are many ants moving on the ground.要下雨了。有许多蚂蚁在地上移动。2. seldom不常;很少[助记]读音影象法:sel(sel) +dom( dam)→不常;很少Mary is an introvert, she seldom talks to others.玛丽是个内向的人,她很少和别人说话。

3. influence影响The novel coronavirus pneumonia has great influence on the health of people in the whole world.新型冠状病毒肺炎对全世界的人的康健有着重大影响。[助记]遐想影象法:in(进入) + fu(流动) +-ence(名词后缀)- +流人→影响4. absent缺席;不在[助记]遐想影象法:ab(脱离) +sent( 泛起)→没有泛起→缺席;不在Why were you absent from the meeting yesterday?你昨天为什么没来开会?5. fail不及格;失败;未能(做到)[助记]串联影象法:名字叫snail(蜗牛),要去发mail( 邮件),正翻过rail(栏杆),没想到fail(失败),折断了tail(尾巴),捉进了jail(牢狱)。Xiao Ming failed the exam again.小明考试又没及格。

6. examination考试;审查[助记]词根影象法:exam(检查) +ine(动词) + -ation(名词后缀)→考试;审查Students in our class are preparing for the math examination tomorrow.我们班的学生正在为明天的数学考试做准备。7. exactly确切地;准确地[助记]词根影象法:ex-(出)+act(行动) + -ly(副词后缀)→确切地;准确地。She said exactly the right direction.她说的偏向完全正确。


8. pride 自豪;自满[助记]读音影象法:p(p) + ri(raI)+de(d)→自豪;自满Xiao Ming's success is the pride of his parents.小明的乐成是他怙恃的自满。9.proud自豪的;自满的[助记]读音影象法:prou(prau) +d(d)→自豪的He won the first place with a proud smile on his face.他赢得了第一名,脸上带着自满的微笑。10. general总的;普遍的;通例的;将军[助记]读音影象法:ge(d3e) +ne(n) + ral(ral)→普遍的;将军Mary's father used to be a general.玛丽的父亲曾是一位将军。11. introduction先容[助词]词根影象法:intro-(向内)+duce(引) + -tion(名词后缀)→n.先容①Xiao Ming wrote a detailed self introduction to the teacher. 小明给老师写了一份详细的自我先容。

②Can you introduce yourself simply?你能简朴先容一下自己吗?【词形变换】1. absent→absence(n. )2. introduce→introduction(n. )3. pride→proud(adj. )4. exact→exactly( adv. )5. general→generally( adv. )【重点短语】1. be nervous .......感应紧张It's normal to get nervous about speaking in public. 在民众眼前讲话感应紧张是很正常的。I was a little nervous before the exam.考试前我有点紧张。2. be absent from缺席Xiao Ming is never absent from the meeting.小明从来没有缺席过集会。

Why were you absent from the meeting yesterday? 你昨天为什么没来开会?3. make a decision做决议He made a decision to travel to Australia. 他决议去澳大利亚旅行。4. in person亲身;亲自I need you to do it in person.我需要你亲自去做这件事。5. even though纵然Even though it rains, we will go to school. 纵然下雨,我们也要去上学。

6. be proud of/take pride in...为....感应自满;感应自豪We are proud of our motherland.我们为祖国感应自满。【重点句型】1. He became less interested in studying,他变得对学习不太感兴趣了。2. She advised them to talk with their son in person.她建议他们亲自跟他们的儿子谈一谈。

3. I'm much happier now ,and I work even harder than I used to.现在我开心多了,甚至比以前越发努力学习。4. I's very important for parents to be there for their children.怙恃随时陪在孩子身边是很重要的。



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