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英语写作训练 | 记叙文“亚慱体育APP官方入口”

英语写作训练 | 记叙文“亚慱体育APP官方入口”

本文摘要:记叙文是记人叙事的文章,是中考英语书面表达中最普遍、最基本、最重要的文体。一般来说,写记叙文应掌握好六个要素:where(何地)、 who(何人)、 what(何事)、 when(何时)、why(何因)、 how(怎样)。初中阶段多为叙事漫笔,一般主要包罗 where、who 和 what 三个最基本方面。记叙文的重点在于“叙述”和“形貌”,一篇好的记叙文,叙述要做到条理清楚,形貌要做到生动形象。 下面就谈谈英语记叙文的特点和写好英语记叙文的基本要领。


记叙文是记人叙事的文章,是中考英语书面表达中最普遍、最基本、最重要的文体。一般来说,写记叙文应掌握好六个要素:where(何地)、 who(何人)、 what(何事)、 when(何时)、why(何因)、 how(怎样)。初中阶段多为叙事漫笔,一般主要包罗 where、who 和 what 三个最基本方面。记叙文的重点在于“叙述”和“形貌”,一篇好的记叙文,叙述要做到条理清楚,形貌要做到生动形象。

下面就谈谈英语记叙文的特点和写好英语记叙文的基本要领。一、记叙文的特点11. 叙述的人称 记叙文一般是以第一或第三人称来叙述的。用第一人称表现的是叙述者亲眼所见、亲耳所闻的履历。

它的优点在于能把故事的情节通过“我”来转达给读者,使人读后感应真实可信,如身临其境。如: One day, I was riding along the street. Suddenly, a car went out of control and ran directly toward me fast. I was sofrightened that I quickly turned to the left. But it was too late. The car hit my bike and I fell off it. 用第三人称叙述,优点在于叙述者不受“我”的运动规模以内的人和事物的限制,而是通过作者与读者之外的圈外人,直接把故事中的情节展现在读者眼前,文章的客观性很强。

如: Little Tom was going to school with an umbrella because it was raining heavily. On the way, he saw an old woman walking in the rain with nothing to cover. Tom went up to the old woman and wanted to share the umbrella with her,but he was too short. What could he do? Then he had a good idea.22. 叙述的时态 在记叙文中,记和叙都离不开动词。动词不仅泛起频率最高,且富于变化。记叙文中用得最多的是动词的已往式。


如: When I was a little child,I was very naughty and eager to know how the things around me worked. But I will never forget what I did once and what had been told then. One day,I found a little clock in my Grandpa's room. It had a red hand which kept running and running. I wondered who was there turning the clock. So I took the clock apart. And then I looked carefully into it with great interest. But I didn't know how to put the parts together correctly. I tried my best,but still a few parts were left. I didn't know where to fit them. So I hid them.33. 叙述的顺序记叙一件事要有一定的叙述顺序。常见的叙述顺序有:(1)顺叙:按事情生长的时间顺序举行叙述。(2)倒叙:把事情的了局或某个突出的片段提到前面叙述,然后再根据事情的顺序叙述下去。


只管有时接纳不定时间顺序的倒叙、插叙等方法可以发生某种特定的效果,使文章增色不少,但对中学生而言,最值得训练的还是以顺叙展开的记叙方法。如:This afternoon we had a P. E. lesson. Our teacher taught us to practice the long jump. When the bell rang, we gathered on the playground. After warming⁃up exercises, the teacher told us the way of long jump and showed us how to do it. Then we followed the teacher and practiced one after another. Soon it was my turn, but I felt a bit nervous.Though I failed the first time, yet I didn't lose heart. I kept on practicing. At last I was able to jump over 3 meters.44. 衔接与过渡 为使文章越发自然流通,衔接词和过渡句是必不行少的。

它们在上下文中起着承上启下、融会领悟的作用。衔接词和过渡句往往用在所在转移或时间、事件转换以及由归纳综合说明到详细叙述时。如: In my summer holidays, I did a lot of things. Apart from doing my homework, reading English novels, watching TV and doing some housework, I went on a trip to Qingdao. It is really a beautiful city. There are many places of interest to visit. But what impressed me most was the sunrise. The next morning after I arrived there, I got up early. I was very happy because it was a fine day. By the time I got to the beach, the clouds on the horizon had turned red. After a short while, the sun was gradually appearing. It was very red, but not shining. It rose slowly. At last it broke through the red clouds and jumped above the sea, just like a deep⁃red ball. At the same time the clouds and the sea water became red and bright. What a moving and unforgettable scene!55. 叙述与对话直接引用故事情节中主要人物的对话是提高记叙文体现力的一种好方法。

适当地用直接引语取代间接的主观叙述,可以直接生动地反映人物的性格、品质和心理状态,使记叙生动有趣,使文章内容越发真实、详细。试比力下面两段的叙述效果:One day I was in the kitchen, and I was cooking something. Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the front. I thought maybe someone was knocking at the door. I asked who it was, but I heard no reply. After a while I saw my cat running across the parlor(起居室). I realized it was the cat. I felt released.这原来应是一段故事性很强的文字,但经作者这么一写,就不那么吸引人了。原因是文中用的都是叙述模式,没有原汁原味的人物语言,把故事的“悬念”给冲淡了。

可作如下调整:One day I was cooking something in the kitchen. “Crash!” a loud noise suddenly came from the front. Thinking someone was knocking at the door, I asked, “Who?” But there was no reply. After a while, I saw my cat running across the parlor. “It's you,” I said, quite released.二、写好记叙文的基本要领11. 头绪明白,脉络清楚写好记叙文,首先要头绪明白、脉络清楚,明确文章要求写什么。要对所写的事件某人物举行分析,弄清事件发生、生长一直到竣事的整个历程,然后再收集选取素材。这些素材都应该跟上述五个“W”和一个“H”有关。只管不是每篇记叙文里都必须包罗这五个“W”和一个“H”,但动笔之前,围绕五个“W”和一个“H”举行构想是必不行少的。

22. 突出中心,详略恰当在文章的框架确定后,对支持故事的素材选取是很关键的。(1)选材要注意取舍,应该从体现文章主题的需要出发,分清主次,定好详略。


如: One night a man came to our house and told me, “There is a family with eight children. They have not eaten anything for days. ” So I took some rice and went to that family. When I finally arrived, I saw the faces of those little children disfigured(损毁外貌) by hunger. There was no sorrow or sadness in their faces, just a deep pain of hunger. I gave the rice to the mother. She divided the rice into two parts and went out, carrying half of the rice. Then shecame back, I asked her, “Where did you go?” She gave me this simple answer, “To my neighbors—they are hungry, too!” 以上三段用相同的笔墨形貌了三个情节,读者读后搞不清作者到底想要讲述怎样一件事,是要强调有八个孩子的家庭受饥饿之苦的水平,还是强调母亲分米饭给邻人的公而忘私的行为?3. 用活语言,准确生动记叙文要用详细的事件和生动的语言对人、事、物加以叙述。一篇好的记叙文的语言既要准确生动,又要体现力强,这样才气把人、事、物形貌得详细生动,其可读性才强。试比力下面一篇例文修改前后的效果。

原文:One day Xiaoqiang was wandering away. He was soon lost among people and traffic. He could not find the way back home and started crying. Just then, two young students who were passing by found him standing alone in front of a shop and crying. They went up to Xiaoqiang and asked him what had happened. Xiaoqiang told them how he got lost and where he lived. The two students decided to take him home. His mother was pleased to see Xiaoqiang come back safe and sound. She invited the two students into the house and gave them some money, but they didn't take it. She served them with tea but they left.修改后: One day, five⁃year⁃old Xiaoqiang left home alone and wandered happily in the street. After some time, he felthungry so he wanted to go back home. But he found he was lost among the crowded people and heavy traffic. He started crying because he could not find the way home. Just then, two young students who were passing by from school found him crying in front of a shop. They immediately went up to him.“Little boy, why are you standing here crying?” they asked. “I want mom. I want to go home. ” said the boy, still crying.“Don't worry. We'll help you. ” Then they spent the next two hours looking for the boy's house. With the help of a policeman, they finally found it. When the worried mother saw her son come back safe and sound, she was so thankful that she invited the twostudents into her house. Gratefully, she offered them some money, saying it was a way to express her thanks, but theyoung students firmly refused it and left without even a cup of tea. 修改后的文章表达准确,语言生动,用词富厚,句式多变,衔接过渡自然流通,逻辑性更强;同时,通过直接引用文中主要人物的原话制止了平铺直叙的平淡。话语是体现一小我私家性格特点、年事特征的有效方式,如文中I want mom'...栩栩如生地描绘出一个迷路孩子的心情。因此,记叙文中使用对话不失为写好记叙文的一种好方法。

写作训练指导(一)(一)学校生活规范鉴赏【规范一】凭据内容提示和要求,以 My Middle School Life 为题写一篇 80 词左右的漫笔。内容提示:1. 天天早晨骑车上学,定时到校;天天上 7 节课,在校学习约 8 个小时;2. 学习多门作业,课余到场种种运动,收获多,兴趣多;3. 同学们相互资助,师生相处融洽;4. 请用 1 -2 句话谈谈你对校园生活的看法。要求:1. 要点齐全,条理清晰,语句通顺,语法正确,书写规范;2. 文中不得泛起真实校名及姓名,否则不予给分。My Middle School Life I'd like to tell you something about my school life. Every morning, I go to school by bike and arrive on time.There are seven classes every day and I stay at school for about eight hours. I have many subjects to learn, so I am busy. But in spare time I take part in all kinds of school activities, such as playing basketball, playing chess and so on. We all have great fun. We often help each other and we get on well with our teachers. My middle school life is meaningful and colorful. I will never forget it.【点评】这篇漫笔叙述了我的中学生活,全文结构完整,内容充实,涵盖全部要点,切合题目要求。

语言精练,用词恰当,表达清晰。时态运用正确,以一般现在时态为主。最后两句表达了作者对中学生活的热爱。【规范二】本周,你们班来了位外籍教师 Margaret。

如果你是李明,请用英语给 Margaret 写一封信,形貌你们班英语学习的现状并表达你的愿望。注意:1. 表格中的内容仅供参考,允许自由发挥;2. 信的花样及首尾已给出,不计入总词数;3. 词数:80 -100。记叙文Dear Margaret,I'm Li Ming, a student in the class. I'm writing to tell you about our English learning.At present, we have a lot of written work to do. Also, we speak too much Chinese in class, which doesn't help alot. And we are learning too much grammar. It's just difficult and boring. Besides, we don't like copying texts, either.So I hope in your class, we can have more activities like discussion or role playing. Don't you think they'll help topractice speaking English? We'll be happy if we can learn some English songs or watch English movies.Looking forward to a big change in our class. Yours,Li Ming【点评】这篇漫笔根据表格提示要求选词成文,切合题目要求,较好地完成了写作任务。主要特点有:1. 结构完整,切合书信花样。

2. 句式富厚。不仅有简朴句,而且运用了定语从句 which doesn't help a lot、宾语从句 Don't you think they'll...和状语从句 We'll be happy if we can...。3. 过渡自然。

also 和 besides 等衔接词的运用,使漫笔条理明白,结构紧凑。【规范三】在即将离别母校的时刻,你想表达对母校、老师、职员和同学的感恩之情。

请凭据下面表格所列要点,以The last moment held on to(难舍时刻)为题,用英语写出一篇漫笔,放在你的 QQ 空间,供大家仿读。注意:1. 词数:80 词左右;2. 漫笔中不得提及真实人名、校名及地名;3. 漫笔的开头和末端已为你写好(不计入总词数)。参考词汇:知识 knowledge;职员 staff members;永远 always/ forever The last moment held on toHow time flies! We're just leaving you - our lovely junior high school. I have so many words from my heart to say.Thanks, dear junior school. You're a beautiful and happy home for us all. I hope you'll be better and better.Thanks, dear teachers. You've taught us lots of knowledge and helped us in all ways. I'll remember you forever.Thanks, our staff members. You've taken good care of us and helped us grow up. I hope you are happy all the time.Thanks, dear classmates. We've got on well with one another just like sisters and brothers. Let's always keep in touch.Thanks, all my loved ones. All the best to you! Goodbye!【点评】这篇漫笔,语言朴实,情感真挚,字里行间流露出作者对母校的感恩之情。能根据表格要点完成任务,切合题目要求。

差别的动词形式和时态使漫笔动感强烈,增强了叙述体现力。【规范四】亲爱的同学们,初中生活即将竣事! 在此离别之际,恰逢《中学生英语》 征稿,请你以“A(n)(Lucky/ Unusual/ Proud/ Regretful(遗憾的) / ...)Thing”为题,简要形貌一件你亲身履历的、印象深刻的事情,并谈谈你从这件事中所获得的启发。要求:1. 写漫笔前,请用一个恰当的形容词补全下面的标题,所用形容词可以从上面括号中选取,也可以另外选择;2. 语句通顺,表达准确,内容连贯;3. 文中不得泛起真实的校名和姓名;4. 词数:80 -100。漫笔的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

A Regretful Thing In the past three years, the life of middle school has impressed me deeply. Many stories happened. The followingis one of them. Xiao Ming was one of my good friends. One day, a little thing caused a serious quarrel between us. From then on,we didn't talk to each other. I had hoped to make peace with him, but I finally failed to do that because of my being afraid of losing face. Not until when he moved to another city with his parents did I know I lost my friend forever. The lesson I learnt from this is that if you realize your mistakes, you should correct them at once, or you may leave yourself lasting regrets. 【点评】这是一篇记叙文,作者叙述了初中生活中一件遗憾的事。漫笔有以下几个特点:1. 内容完整,表达清楚,切合要求。

漫笔按要求完整地叙述了事件,并表达了所获得的启发,尤其突出了事件的“遗憾”之处。2. 词语富厚,用词准确,如:a serious quarrel, make peace, be afraid of losing face, fail to do 等,恰当形貌了作者心理变化。3. 句式结构多变。既有简朴句,也有but, or 毗连的并列句和when, if, that 引导的复合句,此外,另有倒装句not until...。

【规范五】如果你们学校正在开展研究性学习计谋(exploring learning strategies),请你凭据下表提供的信息,写一篇漫笔,让更多的学生相识你校开展研究性学习计谋的一些情况。注意:1. 漫笔应包罗表格提示的所有内容,可适当发挥;2. 词数:100 左右。

开头已给出,但不计入总词数。Great changes have taken place in our studies since our school began to carry on exploring learning strategies. In the past, teachers kept on explaining the language points in class. We students just listened and took some notes. So we didn't have enough time to think about problems by ourselves. We had to do much homework after classes. But now teachers show the problems to us first, then we discuss them for a while in pairs or groups. We try to find out the ways of solving problems through which we've learnt how to cooperate with others. After class, we can have different activities. For example, we can read books we like, go to the library or surf the Internet for useful information and so on. In a word, now we are the owners of our study and we're happy.【点评】这是一篇以表格形式为提示的书面表达,写好这篇漫笔要做好以下几点:1. 细读表格,提取信息。

由表格可知,漫笔要求你通过从课堂、课后两方面临比已往和现在的差别学习方法,来先容开展研究性学习的情况,并表达自己的看法。2. 正确运用时态。谈论已往用一般已往时,谈论现在用一般现在时。3. 运用适当的毗连词,如:in the past, so, but, in a word,使内容连贯,表达流通。

(二)人物形貌规范鉴赏【规范一】初中的学习生活即将竣事了。请你以 How I Change 为题,写一篇漫笔,形貌你这三年里前后的变化。写作要点包罗外貌、兴趣喜好、行为习惯等方面。

写作要求:1. 词数在 80 左右(开头已经给出,不计入总词数);2. 漫笔中不能泛起校名和人名,否则不得分;3. 所给的写作要点都必须用上;紧扣主题,适当发挥。How I Change My life has changed a lot in the past three years. I was fat and short when I came to the middle school. At that time, I was interested in computer games and I spent most of time on it. My parents were worried about me. Now, I like sports and I often play basketball with my classmates after school. So I become taller and stronger than before. I like reading, too. I usually go to the library to read some interesting books. Good habits help me to study better and keep healthier. My parents and my teachers are both pleased with me.【点评】这篇书面表达是给出写作要求质料的命题作文,具有一定的开放性,题目是 How I Change,写作内容包罗外貌、兴趣喜好和行为习惯等。写作时,首先应注意包罗“外貌、兴趣喜好和行为习惯”等要点;其次,准确判断所使用的时态,表现已往的情况使用一般已往时,表现现在的情况使用一般现在时;最后,恰当地使用毗连词可使行文连贯、自然流通,短语和复合句的使用可使文章变得生动有趣。【规范二】假设 Susan 是你的好朋侪,下面是 Susan 的小我私家信息,请你凭据以下提示,以 My good friend 为题,用英语写一篇 80 词左右的漫笔。

要点提示: 要求:1. 内容包罗所提供的信息及要点,可适当发挥,但不必逐条翻译;2. 不得透露学校、姓名等任何小我私家信息。My good friendSusan, a 14⁃year⁃old girl from America, is my good friend. She's a tall girl with blue eyes and long golden hair.She not only likes doing sports, such as swimming and running but also enjoys reading and listening to music. What's more, she is interested in Chinese history and culture so she often reads books about China. She's lovely and friendly and she gets on well with her friends. She's also helpful because she often helps me learn English. With her help, I've made much progress in English. I'm lucky to have such a good friend.【点评】这是一篇典型的写人记叙文,从一小我私家的姓名、年事、外貌特征、性格特点和兴趣喜好等方面来举行详细形貌,语言精练,条理明白,用词准确,句式变化富厚。精妙之处有:介词 with 的用法; 连词 not only...but also;衔接词 what's more; 短语 with one's help, get on well with, make progress 等。【规范三】你在求学的历程中肯定遇到过许多好老师,你最喜欢哪位呢? 请你以 The Teacher I Like Best 为题, 用英语写一篇漫笔,到场美国杂志 Weekly Reader 的征文运动。

内容可涉及:他(她)是谁;教什么学科;你喜欢他(她)的原因。可以适当发挥。要求:1. 词数:80 -100 词;2. 文中不得泛起真实姓名及校名,老师姓名统一使用 Mr. / Mrs. / Miss xx。

The Teacher I Like Best Of all my teachers, I love Mrs. Li best. She taught us English in junior middle school. She had many ways of making her class interesting and exciting. She always taught us something new in easy ways. She helped us use English by doing interesting activities, such as making surveys, playing games and so on. Mrs. Li was a strict but kind teacher. She often asked us to be on time for class and do homework by ourselves.When we had trouble, she often helped us out. Thanks to Mrs. Li, I started to love English. I love Mrs. Li and her class.【点评】漫笔开门见山讲明我喜欢的老师,接着从她奇特的教学方法和严格要求我们的态度两个方面来表达我喜欢老师的原因,最后表达对老师的感谢之情。因此,文章内容完整,条理鲜明,脉络清楚,切合要求。语言精练,表达准确,形容词 interesting, exciting, easy, kind 恰如其分地体现了老师的特点,使得老师的形象跃然纸上,栩栩如生。

(三)沐日生活或季节运动规范鉴赏【规范一】假设你是李华,上周末到场了一次远足(outing)。请凭据下面表格中的提示信息写一篇题为 A Pleasant Outing 的英语漫笔,到场某英文报纸的征文角逐。要求:1. 不要逐条翻译表格中的信息,可适当增加内容;2. 漫笔中不得泛起真实的地名、人名、校名;3. 词数:80 -110 词。

参考词汇:go for an outing; climb the hill; have a picnic A Pleasant OutingLast weekend, I went for an outing with my classmates. At 7:30 in the morning, we met at our school gate. We went to the North Hill Park by bike. On the way, we were so excited that we sang loudly. When we arrived there, we started to climb the hill at once. We had a picnic on the top of the hill. After that, we walked down the path and had a rest. Later, some girls danced under the trees and some boys played games happily. We didn't go back until 4:00 p. m. . We were tired but very happy.What a pleasant outing it was!【点评】这篇漫笔是记叙文,形貌了一次远足运动,重点先容了运动内容及自己的感受。全文根据远足的时间顺序来形貌的。in the morning, on the way, after that, later 等词的运用,准确形貌了事件的先后顺序,使得文章脉络清晰,行文连贯。

漫笔运用了一般已往时,切合漫笔对时态的要求。【规范二】今年我市深入开展了“学习雷锋精神,共创文明城区”的运动。在 3 月 5 日学雷锋纪念日这天,你校组织志愿者去广安敬老院展“学雷锋,送温暖”运动。如果你是广安七中学生张华,请你将运动情况先容给美国朋侪 Ben,与他分享你的优美履历。

(运动内容见下表) 要求:1. 漫笔应包罗 表中所有要点,可适当发挥; 2. 文中不得泛起真实的人名、校名等相关信息; 3. 文章不少于 80 词。开头、末端已给出。Dear Ben, Thank you for your last e⁃mail. Let me tell you what we did on March 5th in our school. As soon as we volunteers got to Guang'an Nursing Home, they gave us a warm welcome. We brought some flowers and fruits to the elderly people. We cleaned the windows and swept the floor for them. Then we sang and danced. How happy we were! After that, we sat together chatting with each other and gave our best wishes to them. The elderly people were very excited. When it was time for us volunteers to leave, they were grateful for our kindness. But I felt it our duty to care for the elderly people and respect them. If you have the chance to be in China, I hope you can join us.Yours,Zhang Hua【点评】这是一封书信,先容了去敬老院“送温暖”运动情况,根据表格提示内容先容运动形式以及自己的感受,因此切合题目要求。


漫笔根据运动的先后顺序来形貌,条理清晰,详略恰当。语言表达准确,句式富厚,运用了叹息句以及多种状语从句。熟记句型:I felt it our duty to care for...(四)计划与预测规范鉴赏【规范一】亲爱的同学们,你们即将初中结业了,也即将迎来一个两个月的假期。

请你用英语写一篇漫笔,先容你的暑假计划。要点如下:1. 你将在那里渡过这个假期;2. 至少写出你将要做的三件事。

写作要求:1. 漫笔在 80 词左右;2. 漫笔必须包罗以上要点,可适当发挥,使其连贯、通顺;3. 文中不得泛起真实的人名、校名等相关信息;4. 漫笔开头已经给出,不计入总词数。参考短语:summer vacation, relax oneself,housework, visit, old friends and relativesThe summer vacation is coming soon. We will have a two - month holiday.After a tiring school year, I'm going to relax myself. I'll spend my vacation with my grandparents. I'll stay with them for about three weeks. Of course, I'm going to help them do some housework. Perhaps we'll take some short trips.Besides, I'm going to visit some of my friends and relatives. I think we'll have a happy time together. What's more, I'll be a senior student in a new term, so I'm going to make some preparations.【点评】漫笔先容了作者暑假计划摆设,并合理运用了提示词语,着重先容了暑假期间计划做什么,切合本文的写作要求。语言表达准确,时态运用正确,besides 和 what's more 的运用,使得文章衔接紧凑,条理清晰。

【规范二】即将成为一名高中生的你应当怎样完善自己? 请以 How To Be An Excellent Student 为题,写一篇英语漫笔。漫笔要点如下:1. 遵守校纪校规(定时到校、严禁吸烟等)。2. 养成良好的学习习惯(上课认真听讲、课后温习、学会放松等)。

3. 与人相同、学会分享、相互资助。4. 在家为怙恃做些力所能及的家务活(洗碗、扫除卫生等)。5. 掩护情况、努力到场志愿者事情。要求:1. 词数:80 词左右。

文章开头和末端已给出,不计入总词数;2. 必须包罗全部要点,但不能逐词翻译,可适当发挥;3. 在文中不要提及真实的校名和人名。How to Be an Excellent StudentI am going to be a senior high school student. First, I must obey the school rules and go to school on time. I won't smoke. As a high school student, it's important to have good study habits. I should listen to the teachers carefully in class, review and relax after school. And I'm going to communicate better with my teachers and classmates, share something good with my friends and help each other. At home, I'll try my best to help my parents do some housework,like doing the dishes and cleaning the house because they are very tired every day. At last, I'll protect the environment and take an active part in the volunteer work as often as possible. I believe I will be an excellent student.【点评】漫笔从学校、家庭和社会三个差别角度讲明了成为一名勤学生的小我私家计划,内容涵盖全部要点,因此,切合本文写作要求。

漫笔用到的重点词组有:obey rules, communicate with, share...with, help each other, try one's best, take an active part in, as often as possible 等,用词富厚,增添了文章的体现力。【规范三】计划人生,成就未来。

请以 My Dream 为题写一篇英语漫笔,形貌你梦想的事情。要求:1. 文中不得泛起真实的人名和校名等相关信息。2. 词数:80 ~100 词。标题和漫笔开头已给出,不计入总词数。

3. 参考词汇:be friendly to..., help, study hard, come  trueMy DreamEveryone has his dream. My dream is to be a doctor. When I was in Grade seven, I was sick and often went to see doctors. The doctors were very friendly to me and they often cheered me up. With their help, I was getting better and now I'm very healthy. Since then I have hoped to become a doctor. I will study hard to get more knowledge in order to achieve my dream. I'll give my love to the patients as much as possible and help them out of danger.To be a doctor is really great. I think my dream will come true one day.【点评】这是一篇以 My Dream 为题的半开放性作文。漫笔从梦想、原因和实现梦想的条件来写作的,语言通顺,表达清楚,合理运用了所给词汇,很好地完成写作任务。

时态运用了一般已往时和一般未来时,回首已往用一般已往时,畅想未来用一般未来时。(五)地域或家乡风貌规范鉴赏【规范一】假设你是无锡日报英文周刊 English Weekly 的特约小记者,请以 A New Town 为题,写一则 80 词右的简讯,先容我市的太湖新城(Taihu New Town)。内容提示如表:简介 位于无锡南部,近五年来变化庞大已往 有许多大型工厂现在 政府已迁走所有工厂,空气清新,没有污染问题 尚存一些,其中之一是公交线路太少展望 ……注意:1. 简讯须包罗表格内所有信息,要求语句通顺、意思连贯;2. 表格中“展望”一栏,请用自己的 2 ~3 句话展开合理想象,作适当发挥;3. 简讯的标题已给出,不计入总词数。

A New TownTaihu New Town is in the south of Wuxi. It has changed a lot in the past five years. There used to be many big factories here. The government has moved them all away, so the air is fresh and there is no pollution. There are still a few problems. One of them is there are too few bus lines. But I believe all these problems will be solved soon. The new town will become a wonderful place to live.【点评】这篇漫笔重新城的位置着手,通过对新城五年前后的对比,作者形貌了新城的庞大变化以及变化所带来的利益,同时指出尚存在的一些问题,最后表现了对未来的展望,内容完整,切合题目要求。写作时要特别注意时态的正确使用,如:在形貌五年变化时用现在完成时,而展望未来又使用一般未来时态,另有一般现在时态的使用。需要注意的重点句型有:in the south of..., There used to be...等。


词数:60 -90 词。不要署名。

内容还包罗以下要点:1. 中国第二大海岛;2. 气候温暖,空气新鲜;3. 有海滩,有高峻的椰子树;4. 可以游泳,钓鱼,划船等;5. 可以品尝种种海鲜。参考词汇:island 岛;coconut palm tree 椰子树;seafood 海鲜  Hainan Island is the second largest island. It's in the south part of our country. On this island you can enjoy bright sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery. You will never forget that.Hai Kou, the capital of Hainan Province, is the biggest city. You can enjoy the delicious seafood there. You can also find many beautiful beaches, where people love walking along it, swimming, fishing or boating in the sea. There are many tall coconut palm trees everywhere.  Welcome to Hainan Island! I'm sure you will have a good time there.【点评】漫笔包罗所有要点, 语言准确, 表达清楚, 语意连贯、通顺,句式变化富厚, 有简朴句,也有 where引导的定语从句,另有宾语从句。

表现位置的句型 It's in the south part of...和同位语 the capital of Hainan 的运用更是亮点。如果你是李华,你的美国笔友 Daniel 计划今年暑假来江西度假,他向你相识江西都会生活和农村生活的情况,以便选择度假所在, 请凭据下图提供的关键词,给他写一封邮件,先先容都会生活和农村生活的相同点和差别点,然后说说你自己更喜欢哪种生活,并说明理由。词数:100 左右。

开头和末端已给出,不计入总词数。都会生活:supermarket, restaurant, apartment, car, bus,cinema, club, park农村生活:vegetable, rice, house, motorbike, bicycle,visiting neighborsDear Daniel,I'm very happy that you are coming to Jiangxi to spend your summer holiday. There are some similarities and differences between city life and country life. Both in the city and in the country, people's life is getting better and better. However, there are some differences. In the city, people go to supermarkets to buy what they need. They eat at home or in restaurants. They live in apartments and travel around by car or bus. After work, they go to cinemas, clubs or parks to relax themselves. In the country, people grow vegetables and rice by themselves. They live in houses and ride motorbikes or bicycles to go around. In their spare time they would like to visit their neighbors or watch TV at home. As for me, I prefer to live in the city because there are more places to enjoy myself.I am looking forward to meeting you! Best wishes!Yours,Li Hua【点评】漫笔从吃、住、行和乐四个方面临都会和农村生活举行了细致的对比,体现了都会和农村的庞大变化,讲明人们不再满足于温饱,而更多地关注生活质量。漫笔内容全面,涵盖全部要点,切合题目要求;叙述详细,重点形貌了城乡的差别点,因此,重点突出,详略恰当;语言精准,语意连贯,行文流通。(六)写事规范鉴赏【规范一】如果上周日你到场了长江社区的 Yard Sale 运动。

请给你们学校校刊上的 English Club 栏目写一篇关于此次运动的先容。要点如下:1. 有 200 多人到场了此次运动;2. 有的人出售旧物如:衣服、玩具、自行车等;3. 有的人出售自制的蛋糕、卡片、书签等;4. 另有的人交流旧书;5. 请写一至两点你对此次运动的看法。

注意:1. 词数 60 -80,文章的开头已给出,不计入总词数;2. 文中不得透露小我私家姓名和学校名称。不要逐条翻译。

参考词汇:Changjiang Community, n . 长江社区;exchange, v;交流,used adj. 旧的It was fine last Sunday. I went to the Yard Sale in Changjiang Community. More than 200 people took park in the activity . Some people sold used things such as bikes, toys, and clothes. Others sold cakes, cards and bookmarks made by themselves. Used books could be exchanged in the yard, too. I enjoyed myself there. In my opinion, it was a very good activity. We can not only make full use of used things, but also protect our environment in this way.【点评】作者凭据题目要点提示,对 Yard Sale 情况举行了形貌最后谈了自己的看法。漫笔涵盖所有要点,语言通顺,表达清晰,行文流通,能较好地运用所学短语和句型来表达自己的意思,语法运用恰当。【规范二】凭据中文大意和英文提示词语,写出意思连贯、切合逻辑、不少于 60 词的漫笔。


形貌一次你与他人分享的履历,并谈谈你的感受。提示词语:share...with...; experience; interest; learn; change; encourage; enjoy; happiness; confidentI had an experience of sharing. When my family moved, I had to go to a new school and study in a new class. The first test made me so nervous that I failed. I got worried and felt helpless until one of my new classmates came up to me and asked softly if I was OK. After I told him about my problem, he gave me some advice. From then on, we got to know each other and shared our ideas, problems, and happiness. We became good friends. Sharing with friends helped me bring back my confidence and fit in with others.【点评】这是一篇征文稿,形貌了一次与他人分享的履历。漫笔内容完整,叙述清楚,意思连贯,切合逻辑,在形貌履历时表达了自己的感受,因此,切合题目要求。

连词 when, after, from then on 等的运用,使文章过渡自然,行文流通。



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